Meet Zangar

My name is  Zangar Freeman. I was born in Cambridge, MA and raised in Brockton MA. I started making jewelry Sophomore year of high school after I received a box of wooden beads and wires from my brother for Christmas. I've always been very creative and artistic so learning to make jewelry wasn't very difficult. What started as a hobby turned into one of my greatest passions. 

About ZMakesBeads 

ZMakesBeads is a black owned handmade jewelry business. The pieces that I make includes necklaces, bracelets, and chokers made using semi-precious stones and other natural and unique beads. When you buy one of my pieces you are getting an experience that I refer to as, "a piece of me worn by you". When I say this I mean that all of my pieces are original designs that come from my own artistic view on life. I am constantly creating and thinking of new designs to make based on everything I experience in life. A simple interaction with new people for me can be an idea for a new necklace or bracelet which gives my pieces a true meaning behind them. I see the world as one body that I want to cover in jewelry.

Contact & Booking Info

For custom pieces and booking for vending and more please contact me at the following:
Business Email: zangar@zmakesbeads.com
Instagram & Facebook: @zmakesbeads

Business Phone Number: (508) 205-7146