Bead Therapy


Bead Therapy is an expressive arts workshop that teaches participants the basics of beaded jewelry making and the difference between semi-precious stones and precious stones. The materials used are semi-precious stones and other natural jewelry materials. Semi-precious stones have been appreciated for generations for their unique beauty and healing and grounding properties. The atmosphere of the workshop is a tranquil, meditative, interactive space that encourages participants to be present and at ease while creating. It gives the participants the creative power to express how they feel and allows them to see how their feelings look in a form of art they produced. This is not a space for group clinical therapy but rather a space that allows participants to express creativity through the means of a tactile art form. As a mental health clinician, I leveraged Bead Therapy for clients with anxiety, children with ADHD, and those who prefer a different form of therapy through self-expression. Bead Therapy creates a safe space for anyone who is looking to explore their creativity and sense of self through jewelry making. Each piece of art created represents the emotions of the creator, and participants will keep all pieces they make.


  1. Create unique one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. 
  2. Use jewelry as a form of self-expression. 
  3. Creating pieces that represent the roots of African culture from all regions of Africa and a variety of other cultures.  
  4. Use art therapy as a physical expression for mental and emotional healing. 



Workshop Schedule

January 2024:

The Foundry (Jan 13th) 

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Wild Goose Chase (Jan 17th)

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Bridgewater Public Library (Jan 30th) 

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